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Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?

Job 12:12

Welcome to the Senior Ministry at New Hope Church—a close-knit community where wisdom meets faith. Our Senior Ministry is a group of individuals who are embracing the journey of growing in faith together. Join us for fellowship, enriching discussions, and a supportive environment where the collective wisdom of our seniors creates a foundation for spiritual growth and connection. Together, we navigate the path of faith, cherishing the experiences that come with a life well-lived.

Senior Ministry No-Host Lunch

Forge meaningful connections. Dive into spiritual growth.

Every 2nd tuesday 11:00 am @ wildlife safari

Embark on a unique journey of fellowship at the Senior Ministry No-Host Lunch at New Hope Church, nestled within the captivating ambiance of Wildlife Safari. Join us for a special blend of connection, faith, and wildlife wonders as seniors gather to share stories, build friendships, and enjoy the unique setting of the safari. It's more than a lunch—it's an enriching experience of community and faith.

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