Whether present or away from the body, we seek to glorify the name of Jesus, the author and perfecter of our lives. Family is a very important part of our community at New Hope and we seek to bring more families along side with us as we serve each other and our community, share life, and learn more about the person and deity of Jesus Christ. We are senders, goers, and mobilizers who proclaim the truth with boldness and faith.


Journey of Joy

through Christ Centered

Activities of the

Easter Season

Please join your friends of New Hope

Church in celebrating the atoning death and resurrection life of
Jesus Christ!

Sunday, April 5

Celebrate Jesus Christ’s Resurrection Life!

  • 7:00, Sunrise Community Service (Wildlife Safari)
    Image“30 Reasons to Celebrate His Resurrection” UVCS Children’s Choir
    In celebration of our 30th Anniversary
    Sunrise at the Safari, come early for donuts & hot chocolate


  • 8:15, Breakfast (Served by New Hope Deacons!)
  • 9:00, Easter Egg Hunt
  • 9:30, Worship Celebration
    “M&Ms, a Sweet Reminder” Children’s Feature