Those tasked with the leadership and administration of New Hope Church.

Senior Pastor

Darin Kirkman

Email: Pastordarin@newhopefamilyonline.com

Office Manager

Jan Patton

Email: office@newhopefamilyonline.com

Elder Team

Darin Kirkman – Senior Pastor

Dan Brands – Church Chairman

Rick Taylor

Gary Hodson

Deacon Team

Robert Farmer – Head Deacon

John Miller

David Smith – Custodian

Deaconess Team

Tammy Hodson – Head Deaconess

Elain Taylor

Terry Ward

Teresa Gilliam

Judy Hyatt

Amanda Kirkman

Family Ministry Leader

Sally Brown

Sarah Smith

Men’s Ministry Leader

Rick Taylor

Women’s Ministry Leader

Amanda Kirkman

Pastoral Counseling

Jennifer Trayes

Welcome Ministry Leader

Linda Darnell

Linda Darnell

Senior Ministry Leader

Elsie Chaney

Youth Ministry Leader

We love Jesus and we love our youth! So since June 2022, we have begun the search for a youth leader to help our youth and their parents to wholeheartedly follow Jesus together.