What kind of childcare is available for my children during the  Sunday  morning service? 

Yes, we do. Actually, our childcare is enveloped into discipleship. New Hope has an infant through pre-kindergarten nursery located in the west hallway just steps away from the welcome center. The nurseries are available during the whole service.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to pick up a Worship Bag during the greeting time.  The bags are full of activities pertaining to the days sermon to help keep these younger children engaged.  Older children are encouraged to utilize the sermon notes to follow along.  Answers to the notes are provided outside of the office.

 What is the leadership structure at New Hope?

New Hope is an elder led, congregationally affirmed body of believers. Our Elders are responsible for the spiritual shepherding of the church body. They meet on a regular basis to guide the spiritual direction of the church and pray for and care for the members of New Hope. Both paid and volunteer Ministry Leaders oversee the daily ministries of the church.

What is the style of worship at New Hope? 

We have a blended worship service at New Hope, incorporating both contemporary and traditional music. It is our desire to incorporate them into the service in a way that brings all generations into an attitude of worship for our Lord.

When does the service begin?

The current Sunday service at New Hope begins at 10:00am and is finished by around 11:30, but we would love it if you stayed around a while after the service to fellowship. A Bible Story Hour for all ages begins at 9 am.

Are there any fellowship times incorporated into the week? 

Yes, at New Hope we strongly encourage you to join a small group and begin to connect with others on a more personal level.

Is Jesus relevant to your world?  How?

He heals me. He loves me. He takes care of me. He rescues me from alienation from God.

In the book of Titus, Paul tells Titus to teach slaves to live in such a way, “so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior.” ESV Titus 2:10b Adorn. What does that mean? The NIV translates this section, “so that in every way they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive.” We want how we live to make the message we tell attractive. We want it to beautify, or adorn, the doctrine of God our Savior.

If Jesus is not relevant to the world, that means they will not see how he relates to them, although He clearly and really does. If a lost world will consider Jesus, do they not need to see that He has answers for their real life and provides something they need? Didn’t Jesus first offer living water that would cause the Samaritan woman to never thirst? (John 4:13-14) It was a starting place to reveal Himself to her.

How will Jesus become relevant to a non-believing, living -for -pleasure, shallow, entertain-me, world?

Isn’t anything we can do (that does not involve sin), to be relevant and to help people see that Jesus IS relevant to their world, a wise use of time and resources?

Using a church building to be relevant to the world is a wise use of its space:

Is Jesus relevant to Boy Scouts?

Perhaps the message the church preached will be one they will consider if we let them use the space we use too. He is the true moral compass that every Boy Scout needs. But if we won’t let them use our space, which is expendable, why would they listen to our message, which is eternal?

Is Jesus relevant to AA?

He is the One, the true Higher Power, who can heal them eternally.

Perhaps the message the church preached will be one they will consider if we let them use the space we use too. It is just a first step.

When Jesus said to give our stuff away, or to give our cloak if someone asks for our tunic, why did He do this? Partly so that when we did, they would know we really do live for eternity and not for our stuff. It shows we believe that eternity is what really matters, and putting treasure there is what we really do. If we do not live that way, why should anyone believe that we really think eternity matters over our stuff?

Is the church the building or are the people the church?

The church is the people of God.

Is a church’s building the house of the Lord? Emphatically NO. The people of God are. The persons who follow Jesus are. They are the ones Jesus inhabits. And it is through Jesus-people and their message that the message is passed on and people meet the Savior of those Jesus-people. If people think we don’t want them and that our space is too holy for them, why would they want our message? Why should they believe us if we say people are what matter?


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