Sometimes the only answer is God Himself

There are moments when “Woe is me!” is all our minds can squeeze out of the misery. Such was my case a couple nights ago as I lay hunkered down under a warm pile of blankets on the comfortable bed given up for our use by loving friends. The head cold had given in to headaches and fever that put me down for a marathon 19 hours of bedtime!

Sometime during that misery I awakened to cry out to our Heavenly Father for help. I know it’s not supposed to be manly to cry, so perhaps it was the child within me that began to sniffle out some tears. That’s when things changed.

In that moment I saw a brother lying on a cold cement floor with thin rags for clothes – sick with fever and wounds that bled. The face of this brother seemed to change between North African friends and others I had prayed for because of

Suddenly my tears were for them and countless others displaced from their homes, publicly shamed, and cast into a helpless misery.  I longed to share with every one of them the warmth of my blankets, the soothing medicine, and the loving care of my wife and friends. But I couldn’t. So I did the one thing I could do. I prayed that God Himself would be their comforting blanket and their healing balm. I prayed that God Himself would warm their bodies and heal them for another day of battle for life and spirit on planet earth.

Wondering how God might answer my pleas I remembered that sometimes His presence enough – especially when He provides no other means of comfort. Could the God who kept Daniel’s three friends cool and unsinged in the king’s fire keep others today warm and healed in Satan’s cold darkness (Daniel 3:13-30)? Could the God of Psalm 91 keep my friends warm and dry under His protective wings (Psalm 91:4)?

The question to which my prayer of faith responded that night did not go to why they must suffer, but to the question of what now in the face of suffering’s reality. Only God knows how much suffering must be endured before all is fulfilled and He calls quits to this evil world. For me, all I know is that in every deep misery, He is there and His comfort is said to be enough. So sometimes I pray and sometimes the only answer to the prayer is God Himself.

Note: Please see for up-to-date information regarding the persecuted church.