Reaching out to the Navy SEALS

Stephanie Arendt reached out recently to offer comfort,  by God’s leading, to the Navy SEALS who lost a member recently in Iraq.  God gave her a poem to share with them.


by Stephanie Arendt

The day SEALS cried when a Brother, a friend ever true

                               was taken way too soon from all of you.

The sorrow to hide inside

                       not to let others know the more gentle side

in each one of you.

Yes, in your time of grief as you say farewell to one of your own,

                                   may it be known that you are truly not alone.

To remember this one who shall always be a part of you

who gave his life a great sacrifice so others may be free,

                                            in remembrance for all you do…


This is in honor of SO1 Charles Keating IV. He was killed this past week (first week of May, 2016) in Iraq.  It is also in honor of all SEALS lost.  She posted or sent it to the Seals.

Stephanie received a reply to this from NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND/SEALS : “thank you Ma’m for these beautiful words memorializing our fallen hero’s”.