Pray for our Missionaries

Here is a suggested list of concerns you could pray for a missionary team travelling to another place, and for those they are going to minister to.

General prayer list for the team being sent out:

  1. That each team member would be walking in harmony with God and people (dealing with unresolved matters before the trip) and especially with fellow team members during the entire trip. Team members should be thought to include those travelling in, missionary or other contact people in country, translators, and anyone helping the work at the location.

  2. That the logistics of travel, plane flights, ground travel, meeting places, car function, etc, would be worked out by God going before them and giving them an open door of ministry and Satan defeated in all his schemes to stop the work from moving forward.

  3. Pray for the physical health of each person going, that they would not get sick from food or water or any other source and would be able to fulfill their mission. Pray they would adjust well to any time changes or climate changes.

  4. That humility and a servant’s heart would be manifested in each team member that the grace of God would be received by those they minister to.

  5. That each team member would be spiritually alert and praying without ceasing, that they might be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and open to allowing the Lord to change their plans.

  6. That God would bless their families and ministries with his presence, protection, peace and provision in their absence and that Satan’s attacks against family would fail.

  7. Pray for harmony between teachers and translators, and that the translators would speak the truth, not their own opinions, and would be anointed to speak the truth clearly and at the listeners’ level of understanding.

  8. That no spiritual weapon formed against them would prosper (e.g., witch doctor curses, etc)

  9. That each team member would have faith to see God use them to be a blessing to those they came to serve, not limiting God through unbelief or looking to their own limitations.

  10. Pray each one home safely and with more of God’s heart to see the world reached with the gospel. And that upon returning home, they would have the ability to communicate well what God has shown them. Pray also for good adjustment back to living in their home location. 

General prayer list for those being ministered to:

  1. That God would lead and make a way for those He wants to be there to be there, and that Satan would be bound from hindering them from coming, through lack of finances, travel difficulties, sickness, unexpected problems, distractions, fear, lack of faith, etc.

  2. That false professors of the faith or wolves in sheep’s clothing, or anyone who would unrepentantly hinder or disrupt the meetings, would be kept away.

  3. That Satan would not be able to stop the meetings or cause harm or persecution to those who come.

  4. That God would enlighten the hearts and minds of those who come, that they would be able to understand the teaching without confusion, and that they would not be deceived in any way by the evil one.

  5. That those who come would be encouraged and have faith to apply the word and be doers of it and not just hearers only with the result that they might go forth and be more effective and fruitful in their ministries.

  6. That God would pour out His Holy Spirit upon them that they would have the ability to fulfill the great commission and see revival in their places of ministry and in their country.

  7. That they would all work interdependently with one another and not in competition with each other, so God alone would receive the glory.

  8. That God would bless them financially for the sacrifices they have made in coming and so that their ministry could be more far-reaching, since many live in poverty.

  9. That God would bless their families and churches or ministries with God’s presence, protection, peace and provision in their absence and that Satan’s attacks against them would fail.

  10. That God would prepare the hearts of all the multitudes who have not heard the gospel, to be open and able to receive the ministry of these men and women.