JNF_Tagline_Vert_PMS_wbg-1In 2013 New Hope Church launched a new thrust in our missions outreach by seeking to find a way to be a blessing to the people and the Land of Israel. A vehicle was developed with the Jewish National Fund and the Aleh Rehabilative Network in Israel. We chose as our project Aleh Nahalat-Eran.


What is ALEH
9DisplayJPG.asp_5DisplayJPG.asp_ALEH is a residential village in the Negev desert for children and adults with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. The village residents and the staff that look after them – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – brave the rockets raining down around them. This village, known as ALEH Negev Rehabilitation Village, sits on the Gaza side of Ofakim, less than 16 miles from the Strip.

Thanks to the JNF”s supply of coin cans our church members collect their spare change and twice a year we send an offering to Aleh to purchase needed rehabilitative equipment in the care of the severely disabled young people in the village. In this way we are able to extend a hand of friendship and express our love for the people and the Land of Israel, and prayerfully open a door to the Gospel.


ALEH [a LAY] means “leaf,” or “going forward.” To see more of their remarkable story going forward, visit