About NHC

About New Hope Church

About New Hope Evangelical Free Church…

New Hope is dedicated to helping Christians know WHAT they believe, WHY they believe it, HOW to live it, and HOW to share it by providing wise instruction from God’s Word, the Bible, about how to think and reason from a scriptural view point.

Fellowship and family are very important at New Hope. Join us on Sunday for fellowship and coffee and worship. Bring yourself, your family, and maybe even a friend. We know that you will enjoy it!

New Hope is about helping Christians to grow and be transformed by the Holy Spirit rather than be conformed to the secular thinking of this world.

Our goal is to proclaim God’s holiness, teach His Word with clarity, live with integrity, make our church a safe place to grow, and serve each other with charity.

The discipleship of children is very important to us. We offer solid Biblical training for children on Sundays during the service.

If you are looking for solid Biblical training for real-life situations and a safe place to be yourself, New Hope is the right place.  We invite you to come visit us… we’re sure you’ll feel right at home!